Writing Update August 2020

I have decided that I would like to give you a short update of my writing projects at the beginning of each month from now on. That will also help me to focus better on my goals and help me see what needs to be done soon. Apart from that, there will still be monthly posts about a topic that has something to do with creating stories.

I must say that July has been an amazing month for me. During Camp Nano I was able to finish “A Tale of Runes and Ravens”, the Fantasy Novel I’ve been working on since January. I will let it rest for about two months before I reread and edit the first draft. After that, I would like to pay for professional editing.

light nature sky sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I also started my new project “Murder and Afternoon Tea”, the first in a series of novels, that will each be about 60.000 words long and that I plan to self-publish. They are cozy crime LGBT novels, a genre that I enjoy reading and have wanted to write in for a long time.

While “Murder and Afternoon Tea” will be my main project for a while, I plan to write a few short stories on the side. I was very happy to hear that a German short story of mine will be published by “Machandel Verlag” next year. It was great to sign my first contract for a story I had written. There are two more requests for short stories soon that I also want to participate in.

Right now, I’m also thinking very hard about self-publishing “Der dreizehnte Prinz”. I was always scared of all the work that means and the fact that I have no experience in publishing also frightened me. But I’ve found people who are going or want to go the same path and the exchange with them really helps me. I’m going to take it step by step.

In Germany, we are dealing with a heatwave at the moment, but up to now, I’ve still been able to write in the evenings. Still, I’ll be so glad when this passes.

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