Writing Update December 2020

Just a quick update on my writing schedule right now. I have to say that I love December as a writing month and I would love it even more if we had some snow as I find it so inspiring when the world turns white. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. We are probably going to take a family trip into the Harz mountains as soon as it snows there and I’m looking forward to that. I associate December with fireplaces, egnogg and Christmas lights and I love to write stories that take place around Christmas or a similar holiday.

My priority this month is editing “Der dreizehnte Prinz” for the last time, before the layout will be finalized in January. I will soon be able to tell you the date when it’s going to be published, I presume. This is still very exciting for me and sometimes it seems a bit too much to even think about the fact that my first book is going to be published.

Despite the world still being  crazy place right now, I hope you have a relaxing Christmas Time and I’d love to hear your writing plans for 2021.

Also, in January I want to finish the first draft of “Grauzeit” so I can send it to beta readers. I presume the first draft is going to be about 65k to 70k long and I’m at 55k, so the story is nearing its conclusion already. I don’t think I’ve ever written a book this fast. It feels good to have brought a story that far in only one month.

I’m planning to finish “Murder and Afternoon Tea”, the gay crime novel in December. It is now at 48k and is going to be about 50l to 55k long, so I don’t need that many more words. I’m looing forward to reading it again and I’m excited to hear what my beta readers will have to say. I can’t believe that I’ll soon be able to commission a cover for it. I’ve already collected some ideas.

In addition to that I just finished a chapter of my Kylux Christmas fanfiction “Those Christmas Lights” and decided it needs a third chapter.

And I also want to finish at least one chapter of our team project “Obsidian”. I’m looking forward to writing all of those stories, but it is a lot, so I have decided to push back the re-reading of my finished draft of “Runes and Ravens” to January.  

Next year is going to be an exciting year for me and I’d love to hear what you have planned. At the end of December, I’m going to give you an outlook on my year 2021.

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